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About Edge Foundation, Inc. An interesting take in response to C.P. Snow. I'm not sure that I buy the scientific community's chip on the shoulder, though. (tags: ideas intellectuals culture)

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Learning, Teaching, and Scholarship in a Digital Age: Web 2.0 and Classroom Research: What Path Should We Take Now? — Greenhow et al. 38 (4): 246 — EDUCATIONAL RESEARCHER Worth downloading from uni! (tags:...

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TED Talks Demystified for Teachers | The History Teacher's Attic (tags: education reference teaching) Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers This is one for all the chalkies (tags: education teaching web2.0 elearning) icloud...

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The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation (tags: education history presentation humor design) How to Give a Great Talk (tags: education Presentations_Skills) Presentation Zen How to do it properly (tags: presentation education teaching)

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About « Belonging A great site for HSC students studying Representations of Belonging in the English Course (Standard or Advanced). (tags: English literature Curriculum HSC EnglishSkills Belonging) TypingWeb | Keyboarding Lessons | Learn to...